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Modbus/RTU (RS‑485) communication module, modu620‑CM


Modbus/RTU (RS‑485) communication module, modu620‑CM


  • Part of the SAUTER modulo 6 system family

  • Plug-in element for extending the modu680‑AS and modu660‑AS automation stations or modu612‑LC link coupler

  • Up to five COM modules per automation station

  • Connection to non-SAUTER systems (PLC, chillers, meters etc.)

  • RS-485, half duplex, electrically isolated interface for Modbus/RTU, Modbus/ASCII

  • Electrical isolation

  • Configurable RS-485 network resistors (software)

  • Baud rate 600…115 200 bit/s

  • Modbus master with up to four Modbus communication profiles

  • Integrated tunnelling function for commissioning and monitoring with serial Modbus master tools

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