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Pneum. duct-temperature controller

TKP 80, 81

Pneum. duct-temperature controller
How energy efficiency is improved
Enables energy-efficient control of the duct temperature in pneumatic installations. The duct temperature can be set precisely with the setpoint adjuster.

Areas of application
Continuous temperature measurement and control, e.g. in ducting in air-conditioning systems. Activation of volume flow controllers or unit valves.

  • Oil-filled external transducer for detecting the duct temperature
  • Transducer can be distanced up to 1.5 m away
  • P control characteristic
  • Housing 72 x 72 mm in pure-white thermoplastic
  • Setpoint adjuster with +/- scale and adjustable stops for setpoint limiting
  • Complies with directive 97/23/EC Art. 3.3 on pressure equipment

Technical description
  • Supply pressure 1.3 bar ± 0.1
  • Time constant at 0.5 m/s air velocity approx. 2.5 min.
  • Output pressure 0.2 - 1.0 bar
  • P range Xp approx. 2 K
  • Linearity 2%
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