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Pneumatic volume-flow controller

RLP 10

Pneumatic volume-flow controller
How energy efficiency is improved
For demand-led control of the air volume in office rooms.

Areas of application
Control of the supply and exhaust air of individual rooms or duct pressures. Can be used in potentially explosive areas.

  • Suitable for use in areas at risk of explosions in zone 1 II 2 G T6
  • Conformity tested as per EN 13463-1 and EN 1127-1 (Ex zone 1 II 2 G T6)
  • Control of constant, switchable or variable air volumes
  • Static differential pressure sensor with large measuring range (10 to 250 Pa)
  • Controller front panel is printed with circuit diagram for rapid identification of function
  • Thermoplastic housing suitable for wall or top-hat rail mounting (rail EN 60715 )
  • Compressed-air connections with Rp 1/8" female thread
  • Low-pressure connections in form of stepped nipples for flexible plastic hose (internal Ø 4 and 6 mm)

Technical description
  • Supply pressure 1.3 bar ± 0.1
  • Response sensitivity of sensor 0.5 Pa
  • Linearity, square root extraction accuracy 2%
  • One input for command variable
  • Two outputs for:
    • actual value
    • activation of damper drive
  • Two setpoint adjusters for maximum and minimum limiting of volume flow
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