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Router, novaNet291

EYZ 291

Router, novaNet291

How energy efficiency is improved

SAUTER novaNet communication, technology that has proven itself thousands of times over


  • Part of the EY-modulo 2 and EY3600 system family

  • Bus access device for novaNet system bus with RS-232 interface

  • For configuring EY-modulo 2 and EY3600 stations with SAUTER CASE applications

  • For management-level software and all SAUTER novaPro visualisations and novaNet OPC servers

  • Direct communication from novaNet stations to PC with a serial connection

  • Remote access with router function via RS-232 modem

  • Remote monitoring in routel mode via RS-232 modem (i.e. automatic uploading of events)

  • Communication using two-wire novaNet system bus

  • Communication with RS-232-compatible pairs of devices (dial-up modem, ISDN adaptor, electronic surge protector, OWG converter, wireless modem etc.)

  • 1 MB buffer for separating the time characteristics of novaNet and RS-232 interface

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