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SAUTER Vision Center

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SAUTER Vision Center

Central building management and visualisation of decentralised installations

SAUTER Vision Center (SVC) is a web-based building management and integration platform in the HTML5 standard for running and visualising the building operation. SVC is suitable for both single buildings and entire real estate parks or distributed premises. Typical areas of use are office complexes, business parks, college and industrial campuses, airports, railway stations, hospitals or internationally distributed branch networks. The modular concept allows the software to be extended precisely to meet the customer requirements of every installation. Therefore, SVC gathers all of the data for the entire building and energy management and makes it available to the user from anywhere at all times.

In the energy monitoring, meters and other information can be mapped, thus making daily, weekly, monthly and yearly consumption from the plants, buildings and properties automatically available. Specific energy widgets, KPIs and energy labels and other dashboard widgets are used to display the energy values and consumption.

Since version 7, a powerful building analytics and energy management module (AEM) has been integrated in SVC, which already contained all the energy monitoring functions. In addition, with chart types such as scatter and carpet plots, but also SANKEY and histogram displays with calculations of the Gaussian distribution, analytic tools are available to carry out energy inspections, to optimise systems in transition phases such as spring and autumn, for example, and thus to meet energy and CO2 reduction requirements, as demanded for companies in the context of certifications in accordance with ISO 50001.

The additional online analytics integrated in the AEM enables immediate information in dashboards as KPIs (traffic lights, circular or linear gauge etc.) or alarm messages in the event of abnormal plant operation. In this way, deviations from operating patterns and setpoints, as well as oscillations, are detected automatically and in real time.

The maintenance module for SVC is used for optimum planning and efficient performance of servicing and facility management tasks. Here, support is also provided by plant asset management, the definition of maintenance intervals and the automatic triggering of maintenance cycles based on building management information.

With energy monitoring, energy management and the building analytics and maintenance modules, SVC provides comprehensive information and tools to ensure continuous and constantly optimised and thus efficient and sustainable plant and building operation.

Thanks to SVC’s simple and intuitive operation, starting, planning and changing predefined building automation procedures is easy with the scenario manager. This allows users with PC skills to set rooms, for example, to Comfort or ECO mode at precise times, and to plan and log them via calendar views.

For the integration of different equipment systems, SVC supports the manufacturer-independent BACnet standard, as well as connection to OPC UA servers, for integrating different protocols in the building automation. Thus, SVC is the first building and energy management system (BEMS) certified with a cross-platform profile B-XAWS 1.18. SVC supports device profiles B-AWS, B-ALWS, B-ACCWS and thus profile B-XAWS. As of SVC 7.1, the BACnet/SC protocol is also supported. It enables the encryption of the data traffic based on certificates. Ideally, this ensures a secure connection from local sites via BACnet/SC routers to Vision Services (SVC in the cloud) with full BACnet functionality.

In addition to the OPC UA client, operation as an OPC UA server is also implemented. Furthermore, an IoT client is integrated that supports the connection of room controllers and automation stations via MQTT. TLS encryption ensures secure communication from decentralised automation stations, e.g. to connect SAUTER ecos or modulo 6 stations via the internet with an SVC located in the cloud.

Direct connection of moduWeb Vision via web services and SAUTER novaNet plants via OPC is available for comprehensive support of the integration options. This makes it possible to connect existing systems when converting to the new generation of building management software without having to replace the existing automation level.

SVC sends alarms directly via e-mail or SMS to mobile phones according to the responsibilities assigned. With its many user-defined settings and customisable dashboards, SVC guarantees maximum user convenience.

SVC can be deployed in virtual IT environments and uses Microsoft SQL databases. These modern architectures and infrastructures enable topics such as high availability, redundancy via cluster systems and corresponding load assignments (load balancing) to be implemented and used. For optimum integration of the user structures of a company, it is possible to connect SVC to an existing LDAP server that additionally supports the latest communication types (LDAP signing & channel binding).

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