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Smart Sensor viaSens116/196

FMS 116, 196

Smart Sensor viaSens116/196

How energy efficiency is improved

Smart multi-sensors in a mesh network for recording movement/presence, brightness, temperature, humidity, air quality and sound pressure levels in rooms or room zones for energy-optimising room automation and for good, pleasant room air.


  • Measurement of indoor air quality (IAQ), such as temperature, humidity and air quality (VOC)

  • Measurement of indoor environment quality (IEQ), such as motion/presence, brightness and sound pressure level

  • Sensor values can be linked together for more precise information on the state of the room (sensor fusion)

  • For ceiling mounting (recessed/surface-mounted)

  • Minimal sensor wiring thanks to Bluetooth® mesh network

  • Controllable coloured LED ring for displaying the room status to room users

  • Parameterisable animation profiles for LED ring, e.g. room reserved/available, room air quality good/bad, room ready for cleaning, etc.)

  • Bluetooth Beacon function for locating the room user with a smartphone and optimised use of SAUTER Mobile Building Services (Mobile Room Control app)

  • Simple integration into the SAUTER automation system with viaSens196

  • For up to 16 sensors for an ecos504/505 room controller

  • Complete commissioning with CASE Suite and Bluetooth smartphone app

  • Meshing of up to 15 viaSens116 sensors via Bluetooth mesh technology to the viaSens196 sensor gateway

  • IoT ready thanks to encrypted MQTT communication in the viaSens196 as an MQTT client

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