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Universal thermostat


Universal thermostat

How energy efficiency is improved

Control, monitoring and limiting according to needs and with no auxiliary energy.


  • Regulates and monitors the temperature of liquids in baths, containers, pipes and ducts

  • Variants as temperature monitors (TW), safety temperature monitors (STW), temperature limiters (TB) or safety temperature limiters (STB)

  • Thermostat with remote sensor

  • Clamp-on thermostat

  • Capillary tube thermostat with or without thermowell

  • Double thermostat, e.g. as TW and STB

  • Certified as per EN 14597 (TUC207F003 and TUC407F001, TUC407F002)

  • As per PED 2014/68/EU classified as cat. IV (TUC207F003, TUC407F001 and TUC407F002)

  • The shift in the change-over point is minimised due to the temperature compensation.

  • Thermowell 100 mm supplied (max. 12 bar)

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